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About Us


BK Amharic, LLC is a new Online Amharic Early Learning Academy and e-commerce website that seeks to offer an alternative resource to the mass market of Ethiopian and Ethiopian-oriented communities in the USA and throughout the world.


BK Amharic eLearning online platform provides customized and interactive Amharic language learning experience for early childhood and young kids plus adults.

BK Amharic promotes positive learning experiences for young children by emphasizing their strengths, including cultural and Amharic linguistic strengths. BK Amharic shares the benefits of bilingualism with families, supports children’s Amharic languages, and encourages families to keep their language strong. 

Your Child Will Learn the Amharic Language using Our  Interactive Learning Tools.



Present &

Future Tenses

People & places

Family &



Life &


Asking questions

Days of the








Products and Services

BK Amharic’s branded Amharic interactive eLearning independent website provides us an authentic space for delivering our Amharic language resources & services to our global audience online for a minimal monthly subscription fee.

BK Amharic e-commerce will sell an exclusive collection of kids originally designed Amharic learning material items focusing on eco-friendly and environmentally safe products. Product offerings also include an array of Ethiopian art and crafts items and other related merchandise. It is a priority of BK to offer only the best-designed quality products with all-natural ingredients and materials.

We are a high-powered team of creative individuals. The company creates an Internet environment attractive to bright kids and provides an interactive Amharic learning experience for our subscribers. It sells Amharic language learning materials, books, and software to those kids, parents, and schools.

Our products will be the best-reviewed in our niche. BK Amharic also provides customized government, industries, institutions, and companies with training material both digitally and in print in the Amharic language, provide promotional resources, Amharic language translation service.

BK Amharic adapts, translates, or develops an instructional design for Safety and Health Training for the USA government, state, and private industry in Amharic.

BK Amharic is also dedicated to providing educational information on Amharic learning and health information and information technology services, including cybersecurity for the greater Ethiopian community.

Mission Statement

Living Our Values: BK Amharic is a company that lives and breathes its values. By doing so, we position our organization to continue leading by providing a fun and exciting Amharic learning experience for Ethiopian and Ethiopian-oriented kids throughout the world.

BK Amharic will provide children with the foundation they need to effectively learn the Amharic language.

BK Amharic is defined by people and passion while being powered by knowledge and innovation. Everything we do is centered on trust, integrity, and respect. Our collaborative approach drives creativity across our markets, and our focus on giving teams ownership allows us to build an entrepreneurial culture where our people and brands can thrive and grow.

The Amharic language is intrinsic to the expression of Ethiopian culture. As a means of communicating values, beliefs, and customs, it has an important social function and fosters feelings of group identity and solidarity.


The Amharic language is fundamental to Ethiopian cultural identity. Ethiopian people everywhere our unique world is expressed in our language. For this reason alone, it is important for us to keep our language alive.

The loss of a language means the loss of culture and identity. As languages disappear, cultures die. The world becomes inherently a less interesting place, but we also sacrifice raw knowledge and the intellectual achievements of our children.

“If culture was a house, then language was the key to the front door, to all the rooms inside.” — Khaled Hosseini, Afghan-born American novelist, and physician

Understanding and valuing cultural diversity are the keys to countering racism. All individuals must feel free to explore the uniqueness of their culture and identity while developing understandings of the cultural diversity that exists in the world around them. Denying cultural expression means limiting the expression of unique perspectives on life and the transmission of knowledge from generation to generation.

Don't miss the language learning window of opportunity Research shows the best time to learn a new language is under the age of 10. Get started before this critical window closes.

It is our aspiration learners, teachers, educational institutions, industries, and parents can join BK Amharic to learn or teach Amharic anytime, anywhere at their pace. 

BK Amharic’s branded Amharic interactive eLearning independent website provides us an authentic space for delivering our courses & services to our global audience online.

How BK Amharic works?


In BK Amharic, each lesson serves as the foundation for the next.


The object is to build on the words and concepts that your child previously learned. This use of repetition and "spiraling" makes learning come easily and naturally.


Designed for children of all ages. BK Amharic works for preschool to high school age kids because the stories are engaging & it is designed for children to go at their own pace. 


See and Listen, Say and Learn

BK Amharic employs a proven natural immersion approach, surrounding learners with visual, aural, and contextual language that is modeled on the way we learned our first language.


BK Amharic's multi-sensory, multi-layered interactive communication works powerfully with all new learners.

The unique BK Amharic design is effective for visual/spatial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical, and logical/mathematical learners.


The more ways in which your child is engaged with BK Amharic interactive learning, the more quickly and naturally your child absorbs the Amharic language.


BK Amharic provides children with the foundation they need to effectively learn Amharic language.


Your child will be introduced to more than 500 vocabulary words and phrases across many themes. Additionally, BK Amharic added new features that will introduce reading and writing in Amharic language to your child.

Personalized learning: children and young adults practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.


The learners of today are moving from being passive recipients of content to becoming more active participants in the learning process making learning more student-centric, and interactive.


The emphasis to provide great learning experiences thus becomes more important and imperative in the education eco-system as learners move away from the mold of being “content-receptors”.


The future of learning is all about enabling learning anywhere by improving access and increasing collaboration, both locally and globally… And our technology is the ultimate enabler in this regard.


Our Values

Our Values


We drive a culture of innovation within our organization and with our partners by providing interactive Amharic learning to prepare leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values


We commit to continuous improvement by anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of our subscribers.

Our Values


We empower all learners by providing highly engaging trusted products, interactive learning platforms relevant to our customers, subscribers, and partner's experiences.

Our Values


We connect and support our global community of Amharic language learners.

Our Values


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and conduct ourselves with integrity in all that we do.

Our Values


We strive to build a company with people from diverse backgrounds, partnership with another content provider so we can better enable all Amharic learners to reach their highest potential regardless of race, gender, socio-economic standing, sexual orientation, language, ability, location, or technology.

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